Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Heart New York. And Portland and LA...

I was going to write today about the dissolution of the marriage between Al & Tipper Gore, a story which fascinates me to no end because they were a very interesting couple who were married for forty years - and now they are parting in a super amicable way that is quite modern (and surely beneficial for them both).

But then I arrived, for business, in New York City – to beautiful weather and an exciting vibe in the air – and I was reminded of how much I love it here.

This visit, I decided to stay in a different part of town (Soho/Greenwich Village) – and so far, this decision has paid off in spades.

There is a vibe to this city like none other that I have visited: everyone is always moving with purpose, June weather can’t be beat, and no matter where you go, even on a Wednesday, there is some kind of interesting action.

I had an amazing meal – three courses at Casa Mono, a Mario Batali Spanish Tapas joint - and also enjoyed a fun conversation there (only half in English) with a family visiting from Venezuela; and then proceeded to have a wonderfully interesting chat with a Bulgarian/San Francisco implant at the outdoor bar at my hotel. 

I’m sure I could live here and would love it. But I’ve had this epiphany in other cities as well...

A few months ago, I seriously considered moving to Portland (Oregon), an appealing city that features a significantly lower cost of living, slower pace of life, public transportation and clever city planning, and a food scene that can’t be beat – and most importantly, a community of people whom I love: my sister, my best friend from college, my ex, a business mentor, and a few former Angelino friends.

And I just came from a wonderful visit to San Antonio, where a fun encounter made me think that this sleepy Texas town could offer a way of life much different than what I have now.

But as much as I love my visits to New York and Portland and San Antonio – and the myriad of cities in between - I truly love LA and my life there, and I know that I will probably be living in the City of Angeles for a while.

I arrived in Hollywood eight years ago this month, one week after I graduated college from the University of Oregon and with my then actor-boyfriend. And truly, I've had a wonderfully full experience: I've started two businesses here, met wonderful people – many of whom will be life-long friends- fell in love with a stray cat, had my heart broken, experienced some crazy nights, seen more sports games, concerts and events to count, and helped shape the course of a young professionals board for a local non-profit organization.

So for better or for worse, Los Angeles is home. And really, it’s not a bad place to be.

So tonight, rather than plot my course for moving to a new place, I raise a glass to the wonderful cities I’ve been able to visit in the in-between.

Thank god for travel. And New York City.


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