Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Business Life

As I’ve mentioned before, I love traveling for work. I feel a distinct sense of purpose and freedom: I get to be out of the office, but I’m also taking care of necessary business. It is also my favorite time to catch up on business reading – and many of the ideas I come across when 33,000 feet up seem to sink in more deeply than when perused on the couch.

Case in point: four years ago, on an American flight from LAX-NYC, I was reading this article in Entrepreneur when I had the idea that became my second business. I launched The Modern Concierge a year later and I remember that moment of insight as if it were yesterday (and to this day, I always choose a window seat on all flights).

Today I was thrilled to have a similar experience. On another American flight, I was reading Inc. (November issue), and came to the recurring segment, “The Way I Work,” this month featuring Jason Fried, founder of 37Signals. The three-page article, as told to Liz Welch, outlined his typical workday and overall work philosophy - and rocked my world.

Fried describes the way he works as “less is more,” without implying that “more is better.” He neither believes in the necessity of a 40-hour workweek, nor knows how many hours his employees actually work. And he doesn’t seem to care – as long as the work gets done. I had a moment of pure connection with his way of thinking - and it filled me with as much excitement as the moment I had my new business idea years before.

From the day I began working at age 16, I’ve correlated hours spent at the office to levels of perceived productivity. And my brain’s been stuck in that outdated paradigm ever since. Even as a business owner – which one would suspect comes with a certain level of flexibility?! - I never truly altered my idea about what a workday should, or could, look like.

And now, with a glimpse of how someone else manages his time and business, which intuitively feels more natural and resourceful (and has successful outcomes!), I am empowered to try something fresh. Implementing this “new” philosophy may just be the change I’ve been craving – and will hopefully more fully connect me to my job, my company and my life.

So, once again thanks to a business magazine, I've found my new business idea for the year. And I have a sense that this one may actually be more successful and longer lasting that the last – plus come with the added bonus of making me more efficient with my time overall.


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