Sunday, April 26, 2009

Relative Productivity

So…it’s been two weeks since my last post – and yesterday, finally, I was truly feeling on board with my new mentality – and moving forward on the aforementioned journey. I was having one of those days where I was really on – I was embarking on a weekend without any plans and I woke up early (highly unusual on a Saturday), went to multiple markets to purchase healthy groceries for a week’s worth of meals, hiked Beachwood canyon and ran a work errand –hooray!

Then I arrived home from my industrious day, and was on my way to further productivity – reading a new business book – when I caught the beginning of “Almost Famous” and poured myself a glass of wine. It was 5pm.

Now, I was really into my movie and my Shiraz – and I was remembering how great movies can be and how cool it is that I can enjoy a Saturday night home alone. And by the time I knew it, I had finished the bottle, moved on to Sex and The City reruns, and sent uncertain texts to girlfriends. By 9pm. How did it go downhill so quickly?

I am mildly shocked about this quick turn of events – how did I go from completely on-track to, “Could this be a problem?” in four hours time?

My friends were incredibly supportive – who hasn’t been drunk at home alone at one time or another? – but I knew it wasn’t an evening of good decision making when I saw the reaction of Peaches, my darling, but brutally honest housemate (cat). She had no mercy – just an exasperated look (seriously?!) and a retreat to the bedroom.

So I follow her – it is now 10pm and I’m about sober. I get into bed and pick up last week’s Time magazine, and flip to Get Rich Slow by Josh Quittner, an article that seems to corroborate my last blog about starting a new venture in this new era – “launching now will make your company stronger later.” And then remember who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. And I go to bed dreaming of writing, running a company and being fabulous.

So what is the moral of this story? That I’m okay with spending a weekend alone? That I'm kinda on the right track and getting closer to achieving my new intentions? That I shouldn’t start drinking so early in the day?

What I do know is that today I woke up early, had brunch, read the Sunday Times, hit the Farmer’s Market, hiked, saw a movie, cooked for a neighbor, and wrote this week’s blog. Not too bad on the productivity level.

I’m not sure if these activities hit any landmarks on the "new journey" roadmap. But I do feel good. And I did notice that there’s a New Moon in the sky tonight… which means that anything is possible for the upcoming week. Fingers crossed.


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